About Zillur Rahman


Zillur Rahman is a journalist, broadcaster and media consultant. He is the director and host of the widely popular daily television talk show “Tritiyo Matra” (The 3rd Dimension) for which he has produced more than 7100+ episodes, over the last 19 years since July 2003. Tritiyo Matra is an award winning program by Channel i is referred to as one of the most popular talk show ever produced or broadcasted for the Bengali television program viewers or news enthusiasts, by any television channel in Bangladesh. Across the Bangladesh and around the world, 40 million viewers have made ‘Tritiyo Matra’ a part of their nightly television routine. The one-hour show is broadcast two times a day and can be seen all over the world on Channel i and is being telecasted all 365 days a year for the last 17 years and till date, everyday at 1:00 AM & 9:45 AM (BST) on Channel i, Bangladesh.

Personal  Life:

Zillur Rahman was born in Dhaka to a Bangladeshi (Shariatpur District) A K M Khalilur Rahman, a lawyer and his wife Shamim Parvin, house wife, who is from Narayanganj District, Bangladesh. His father died at 79 of heart disease and he is living with his mother.

He married to Fahmida Haq who gave birth to his son Ajmain Zahin in 2005, daughter Najah Zayaan in 2008 and daughter Niija Zain in 2010. His beloved daughter Najah Zayaan passed away at the age of 4 months and 6 days in 2008. His siblings are: Kamrun Naher (sister, a college teacher in Psychology, who passed away in 2015), Anisur Rahman (brother, died in 1979), Arifur Rahman (brother, a college teacher in English) and Aminur Rahman (brother, a banker).


He was educated at Nawabpur Government High School & Jagannath University College in Dhaka. He holds a BSS Honors degree in Government and Politics from Jahangirnagar University, and speaks both Bengali and English. He has also a Post Graduated Degree from University of Jahangirnagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Zillur Rahman is the Executive Director of a Bangladeshi think tank named Center for Governance Studies.

Zillur is stated as a rigorous and skillful interviewer of the country. He interviewed most of the politicians, civil military bureaucrats, business leaders, civil society leaders and showbiz & sports stars including current & former presidents, prime ministers, ministers and member of the parliament.
Zillur Rahman is a frequent moderator of major conferences, seminars and forums across the country and hosting different type of talk shows in Television and Radio Channels. He also lead a media consultancy firm named Center for Communication Network (CCN).

Zillur began his journalism career at Weekly Bichinta when he was a student, after one year moving to the Weekly Khaborer Kagoj as Executive Editor. He became Assistant Editor of Ajker Kagoj’s (a national Bengali daily), and then Associate Editor for Bhorer Kagoj (a bengali daily newspaper). He has worked for the Weekly Kagoj, Weekly Shomoy, Weekly Laboni, Weekly Bichitra and has contributed to the Daily Ittefaq (a leading newspaper in Bangladesh).

As a Short Term Local Consultant he also worked for the World Bank (External Affairs Department) in 2000 and for the UNICEF (Water & Sanitation Department) in 2001.

Zillur Rahman has visited many countries to participates different conferences, seminars and symposium since last few years. He visited USA, South Africa, UAE, Qatar, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Morocco, Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium, Australia, France and UK